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Our goal is to help our customers to consistently increase their growth, profit, and enterprise value, and gain competitive advantage.

In doing so, we take on "tiresome" tasks that either do not belong to the actual core business of the customer or are perceived as an "implementation complex". In both cases, we act as trusted vicarious agents or agility reserves.

Our core competencies are strategy and expansion consulting. Our multi-year project experience and specialization in both areas bring many benefits to our customers and set us apart from the competition.

The consultancy focuses on strategy and stabilization, turnaround & change management, business succession as well as expansion and sales.

Through our hands-on experience and extensive industry knowledge, we help our clients with expertise, information, knowledge, expertise and creativity in problem solving and value creation. Our broad, generic purposes for our clients:

- achieving organizational purposes and objectives
- solving management and business problems
- identifying and seizing new opportunities
- enhancing learning
- implementing changes


Business success today is increasingly based on the choice of strategy. Regular reviews of the circumstances provide early indications as to whether the existing strategy should be retained or changed. At the corporate or business unit level, if the current goals, strategies, and plans are not successful, new strategy options should emerge, or the framework must change to redefine the strategy or make more adjustments. That usually results in starting a strategy project and goes through a strategy process.

Unfortunately, we miss that with many of our clients because the power of habit is often underestimated, which therefore leads to fatal consequences.

Our great customer focus and flexibility help our clients to anticipate and satisfy their latent needs. Together with the customer, we develop strategies that point the way to a desirable future and form the guideline for thinking and acting in everyday operations. Klutse Management Consulting thus helps to identify the identified success or systematically tap potential benefits for profit, productivity and profitability.

Turnaround Management

Changes in the economy and society are taking place faster and faster. Businesses are forced to respond to digitization, advancing globalization, increasing cost and earnings pressures, and ever shorter windows of opportunity to exploit (growth) opportunities. Change often requires new or different skills from executives who are already busy with their day-to-day business. This often leads to crises.

We help our clients with crisis management and restructuring with the development of planning, implementation and control of the turnaround concept. In particular, our approach includes in particular the following activities:

- Operational measures to improve earnings and liquidity 
- Definition of a comprehensive strategic reorientation (eg portfolio adjustment) 
- Development of fundamental structural change steps (eg restructuring of the value added process) 
- Transformation of the corporate culture

Adaptation must be carefully planned and implemented, regardless of whether the customer is expanding, downsizing, or simply redefining the key business goals. With us you have a reliable and competent partner.

Change Management

The corporate world is affected by disruptive changes. In a more complex environment, requiring rapid responses and flexible behaviors, a company's bottom line can only be secured if it adapts to the change and becomes a learning organization. With the pace of technology evolving and changing economic conditions, change management is more important than ever to many of our customers.

Since technological and structural development can not be expected to slow down or even reverse, the ability of companies and their employees to change becomes increasingly important in order to gain competitive advantage. Companies only survive in competition if they adapt to new requirements in good time.

Our consulting tasks for our clients range from the analysis of whether a change is necessary at all, to the search for a solution to the implementation of the requirements. We bring more clarity and objectivity as well as experience with change management processes in other companies.

Succession Management

One of the biggest problems of German SMEs is corporate succession. From 2014 to 2018, it is estimated that 135,000 businesses will be handed over, employing about two million people. Compared to large companies, corporate succession is causing much greater difficulties for medium-sized family businesses. In the generation change in medium-sized companies migrant entrepreneurs represent so far a quiet reserves.

Whether a company succession succeeds depends on many factors. Above all, it is important that even after the change of ownership the company has the resources that were previously linked to the person of the previous owner. This only succeeds if transfer management meets certain requirements.

Business succession can take several years. Our consulting spectrum supports and accompanies you.