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Africa Business

Expansion consultancies

Positive signals from Africa: The African continent is one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. Customers who are internationally active in Africa or want to expand their foreign activities must make numerous strategic decisions. The internationalization of companies to Africa involves many challenges, such as the conviction that the right choice of market entry and market cultivation forms is important for the development, maintenance and utilization of potential for success and competitive advantages.

Klutse Management Consulting advises across industries on the expansion projects in the African markets, whether in the distribution of goods and services and in direct or indirect export.

In the area of ​​added value, we develop the appropriate strategies together with the customer, for example in market-seeking motives or in the area of ​​resource-seeking motives. Further consulting points are in efficiency-oriented (efficiency-seeking-motives) or strategic (strategic-asset-seeking-motives)

The Diaspora Africans

Here, too Klutse Management Consulting and it´s Partners are increasingly using hands-on skills to help the client on the jumps.

In other to confront the many challenges the african Continent is facing, we believe the Diaspora or overseas African have a major role to play. Haven advising migrant and african companies in Germany for many years, we have come to believe that there are some consideratons about Africa that need to be emphasized:

  • - The first is entrepreneurship. The developing african countries, to lift their populations out of poverty, rise their standards of living and create wealth, need more entrepreneurs from the bottom up.
  • - The second consideration ist he reverse brain drain. The millions of young africans trained and educated in the West are an enormous resource of talent. The returnees can contribute a lot to the development of the continent. The opportunities in some african countries today are far greater than those in the West.
  • - The third consideration is the economic importance of the african Diaspora or african overseas as investors. To channel savings into productive capital and investing moneyinto businesses opens up tremendous opprtunities in the field of personal finance and job creation.

Solar power

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Wind energy

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Agrar business

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