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Industry sectors

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Industries: We advise industrial, commercial and service companies

Industry expertise
We are the partner for medium-sized companies and corporate divisions, NGOs and governments. The industry focus of our services is on renewable energies, agriculture, infrastructures and the consumer goods industry. Due to the many-layered experiences and competencies we are able to support almost all in Germany and in the African countries in essential sectors well founded.

Consumer and trade

Trade is undergoing profound change. The digitalization of the economy and thus also the trade, the industry is being turned around. 
Whether in retail, consumer business or restaurant operations, we serve numerous companies with a migration background who trust our expertise.

We assist in the development of the future-oriented strategic orientation of our own business model in order to conquer new markets and implement innovative sales concepts.

Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind Energy & Biomass

There is currently a big request in Africa for renewable energy or solar energy. Due to the extreme fall in prices, demand has increased considerably, making Africa a growth market in the solar sector. They ask for "Made in Germany". For project projects, Klutse Management Consulting helps renewable energy or solar companies with project development and implementation and solving the challenges in individual African markets.

The interdisciplinary character of our project team and the exposure of our activities represent a great advantage for our customers. We not only develop individual concepts for the customers, but also support them in the implementation phase so that the business strategies remain viable in the future.


As the population in African countries increases, so does the demand for agricultural products and food. Rising incomes and rural-urban migration are a major challenge. With the collapse in crude oil prices, some countries are using the agricultural industry to diversify their economies. At the same time, the transformation industry is a market niche. The development of target market and timing strategies is necessary for potential customers.

Klutse Management Consulting accompanies companies in this segment on their way to profitable growth. These include questions of market entry strategies, strategy-oriented export design and internationalization. We also advise on the development of comprehensive sales concepts through the right strategies, structures, processes and management.

Logistics and distribution

Contents will follow soon.


Contents will follow soon.